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Synecdoche, a literary device in which the part represents the whole. My photographs are meant to be visual examples of synecdoche. My subject is nature and the complex—often paradoxical—relationships I see between nature and architecture. My approach, using the part to represent the whole, is to symbolize the fragmentation we experience in our everyday environment.

I am interested in how we perceive nature and its relationship with human impacts upon the land. I focus on how we use natural features in manufactured landscapes to compensate for cultural alienation from nature. Homo Sapiens evolved in the natural landscape. I believe that the destruction of that landscape creates in all of us an instinctual anxiety. One response to the resulting tension is to reinvent nature in ways that suits the newly created cultural landscapes.

 Many images contain a vestige of nature in an architectural setting. Some express the unstifled exuberance of nature juxtaposed with a jarringly artificial feature. In either case, they are meant to be fragments of the whole subject—fragments that evoke something larger. The subjects in my compositions should spill out of their frames. My goal is to express concepts that frames cannot contain just as nature cannot be contained.


Synecdoche image gallery

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