I am attracted to paradox.  My work is about creating relationships between the often contradictory realities I experience.  In much of my work I use the camera to establish connections and to facilitate exploration and discovery.  It is exciting for me to discover intersections between the natural and built environments and to explore how we perceive our place within these environments.  In the photocollage work I take what I have discovered with the camera and transform it using digital techniques.  These techniques are never ends in themselves. 

I work in series.  Each series is usually related by particular formal considerations as well as the subject and meaningful content.  While my work often involves very specific formal structures, the form is driven by content and expression.

Triptychs: The Icon Series

This series uses a recognizable formal structure to emphasize its iconic themes.  The content varies between natural elements within a built environment and human elements within natural environments, but it places a central figure within a context that either magnifies its iconic stature and symbolic meaning or creates an unexpected juxtaposition. 

The triptych form is achieved two ways: some are pre-visualized on site and shot as three sequential images while others are combined later after examining and rearranging images to establish new relationships.

The central figure in these constructions is often elevated to iconic status despite its being an otherwise ordinary subject.  It is rarely a subject that would be perceived as iconic and therefore it subverts or inverts the accepted definition of an icon.  My intention is to make a viewer think about the subject and its relationship to its context in a newly symbolic way.  When the triptych form separates parts of one panoramic image it also serves to change the way it is viewed.  The narrative qualities are increased as a dialogue is established among three parts, as opposed to seeing one single image.

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